Wednesday, 18 April 2012

If Atos were an animal what would it be?

We wanted to liven up the monologue version of our play a bit, so we asked the question of our twitter and FB friends - "If Atos were an animal what would it be?" Our internet friends did us proud!

A cockroach
A tapeworm living in the body politic
Maybe a phoenix, always comes back. Or a flightless Rhea - it has the means, but doesn't know how to.
Not a real animal but an Orc & their HQ as Mordor.I also have a nickname for them "Napoleon's Revenge
I like to think of it as a virus. Like herpes
Some animals seem cruel and vicious to us, but they have no capacity for compassion, mercy or conscience - what's Atos's excuse?
A rat
AWWWW dont insult the rats, my remii and cappit were cute. What about a vulture instead?
Son suggests a leech might be adequate. Blood suckers !!!!
Does a vampire count as an animal?
They could be the European cousin of the Great Vampire Squid Goldman Sucks.
How about a mosquito?
A parasitic wasp
A snake in the grass
A rattlesnake with toothache
A ravenous wolf
Necrotising fasciitis.

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