Thursday, 5 April 2012


"Atos Kills" is a pretty powerful slogan. And a pretty powerful indictment of a "healthcare" company that is supposed to be about ensuring the right people are supported back to work. But it's a fair slogan when you consider even Chris Grayling recognises 31 people have died whilst waiting for the outcome of their assessment. When you see heartbreaking stories about people committing suicide, dying of heart attack or long term illness following Atos assessments. When you take a moment to read the real stories of real people on Calum's list

Just one person dying because of a bad assessment hasn't recognised how ill they are is bad. Thirty is terrible. But now the Mirror has uncovered the real truth. Between January and August 2011, 1,100 people have died following assessment by Atos and being found to be fit for work related activity. ONE THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED PEOPLE. That's not 30 people in a year, that's THIRTY TWO A WEEK.

"Atos Kills" isn't a slogan. It's a reality. Shouldn't they be up on manslaughter charges?


  1. Please sign my petition against ESA stopping for people who are too sick to attend the medical:

  2. If a person is too sick to attend an ATOS medical then a doctors/consultant letter needs to be raised pointing out that a home vist is required.

    1. But they can't issue that letter without an exam first, for which you must be present. Catch-22.