Sunday, 7 October 2012

Atos Stories Round Up

It's just over a year since Atos Stories began, and 6 months since we produced our scripts. We thought it would be timely to give you an update of what's been happening...

In July Occupy Olympics and DPAC  were all set to perform some of the Monologues here but unfortunately the police cut short the rally. Still we managed an impromptu reading on a train in Stratford so it didn't go unmarked.

In August daughter and I read the Atos Monologues at Greenbelt as a prelude to the DPAC organised Atos Games.  Thanks to support from DPAC, DPAC Cardiff contacted us for use of materials in their leaflets, and Leeds Uncut performed some Monologues in the City Centre. You can see footage here and here.

We're still in conversation with Act Up in Newham, who are hoping to put on Atos Stories. In Oxford we now have a nucleus of people who are considering using the material for plays on local radio, and podcasts. And we're still  hoping we might be able to put on a stage play. We're also encouraging people who want to support Adam Lotun's bid for MP in Corby to put on the Monologues as he's out campaigning and/or on 14th November (the night before the election). Finally, we've been in conversation with a couple of film makers, who may be up for a spot of collaboration.

Looking at our statistics on Scribd,  1,800 have read the Monologues (version 1 and 2 - if you haven't read yet, please use the second  updated version!), 640 Atos Stories, and 350 Atos Street Theatre. That's over 2000 reads!

This is what we were set up for. To pull stories together and spread them to the world. Please join us by looking at our materials, and seeing how you can use them in your protests, or at a theatre, podcast or video link. These are the Atos Stories. They are there for everyone. So help us spread the word!

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