Friday, 14 September 2012

Standing for Disability Rights

We were watching video footage of the DPAC blockade at the DWP and caught this: our good friend Adam Lotun, one of the earliest contributors to Atos Stories, announcing his candidacy for MP for Corby. In fact we were so excited we tweeted without watching the rest of the video, and only later realised the police brutally broke up the party injuring wheelchair user Patrick Lynch in the process. Luckily Adam was OK, though his wheelchair is not. (Check out Adam's blog for a horrific account of the police's behaviour).We're delighted to hear that he is going to be campaigning in Corby which we think is a brilliant way to build on the recent successful Atos/DWP protests. We've been wondering about organising a mass reading of the Atos Monologues recently, and this seems as good an opportunity as any.

So here's the deal . You can download the Monologues  which we  have just updated and get as many people as you want to put it on wherever. It can be a pub, a cafe, a theatre, a place of worship, a market place, a shopping mall. Anywhere where people can be. The only thing you ask is you link to Adam's campaign, and that you organise it for the night before the election (14th November). And if you are in Northamptonshire, it would be great if you could also read them while he is campaigning. Or if you were feeling more theatrical you can download our  Street Theatre. and give the crowds some entertainment.

There's two months to prepare for this. So plenty of time to get organising and acting!


  1. im scott speirs i suffer from fibromyalgia and am appalled and disgusted at this govts treatment of the disabled-i set up on twitter to specifically vocalise fight for justice for disabled and you can follow me at scottspeirs3 on twitter many thanks

  2. Disability takes away a person’s ability to do physical activities, but it doesn’t take away anything else. In fact there should not be much discussion about their rights because they are privileged with the same rights that normal people have. Everyone should realize that and avoid doing things that would make them think that the rights they have are inferior to what we have.

    Thomas Wright