Tuesday, 13 March 2012

Atos Stories - coming soon...

You'd be forgiven for thinking we were a bit full of it, as we've collected a load of stories and not done much with them... But we can promise you we haven't been idle. The last few months have been spent organising material, writing the play and getting feedback about whether it works. (And like most of you we've also been getting a bit hot under the collar about the Welfare Reform and Health Bills, but that's another story).

We've had helpful comments from enough people to know that the play is on its way to being performable, and some good folk are going to workshop a few scenes. We've also had a think about how to get the play out to as many people as possible and we realise that we need to have two versions.

Atos Stories is more complex to stage and takes the essence of the stories we've collected rather than the individual detail. It has songs and dance, and a lot of physical action. It will probably take a fair bit of rehearsal time and be more costly to put on.

The Atos Monologues will be much simpler to do. It gives space to more of the stories which are rearranged in the form of conversations.It could be performed by one person or twenty and should be a cheaper and easier option.

So we'll make both available and if you want to perform, it will be entirely up to you to choose the one that works best for you.

In addition we'll also be posting key scenes which we think will work well as Street Theatre. There's one scene that has a particular Olympics flavour, so if there's anywhere safe to protest in London in the summer, we're hoping some of you might be interested.

So watch this space, postings coming soon...

And please do email us if you want to get involved atosstories@gmail.com

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