Saturday, 21 January 2012

Dear Iain (& Chums...)

Dear Iain& chums,

We read today that you are pressing on with you disastrous reforms. That you don't believe people are suffering as a result of the Welfare Reform Bill.

You say this despite the wealth of concerns of disabled and seriously ill people, their carers and supporters. Despite the fact you've been defeated in the Lords 4 times over ESA and housing benefit, only narrowly avoiding a 5th because of Lib Dems too cowardly to defy the whip over DLA. Despite the twitter storm caused by the Spartacus Report and the wealth of stories of hardship and hurt that have appeared in newspapers of all political persuasions in the past fortnight.

How can you believe that no-one is suffering when the message boards of disability and carer groups are full of stories of distress and fear of the DWP and Atos assessments?

How can you believe that no-one is suffering  when 40% of ESA claimants (those that have the energy and support to do so) appeal their status of "fit for work"?

How can you believe that no-one is suffering when terminally ill people receive letters from the DWP stating they are fit for work?

How can you believe that no-one is suffering when 4 of the authors of the Spartacus Report have been in ill-health due to the stress of campaigning? And when Sue Marsh has ended up in a hospital bed?

How can you believe that no-one is suffering when Sue is turned down for DLA, when Kaliya Franklin (@BendyGirl) and 500,000 others like her won't qualify for PIP, despite being too sick to get out of the house most days?

How can you believe that no-one is suffering when your housing benefit caps stop families with disabled members being able to move to a house big enough for their needs?

You say you want fairness, to create less dependency, to help the most vulnerable. But you seem oblivious to the fact that  your policies do the opposite.

Everywhere we look people are suffering. It's time you opened your eyes and saw it too.


  1. None of these were suffering either -

    Depressed 'Jobseeker' commits suicide -

    Cuts Kill: the story of a sister driven to suicide -

    Man dies of kidney cancer after being told fit for work -

    Woman's depressed brother commits suicide after benefits being stopped , at 3;40 -

    Two die while waiting for appeals to be heard -

    Man dies of heart attack after being told by Atos 'fit for work' -

    59 year old miner assessed as fit, wins appeals, reassed shortly after and dies of heart attack –

    Author's suicide 'due to slash in benefits' july 2010 -

    Help me take Atos and DWP to court –

  2. 3 die in West Dunbartonshire after being told fit for work, area also has one of the highest unemployment rates with 40 people chasing every vacancy -

    Devastated Salford mum killed herself over redundancy blow -

    Southfields dad committed suicide after housing benefit cut -

    Bedworth 'suicide pact' couple found lying side-by-side -

    Body found in River Wear is Leanne Chambers -

    Christelle and her baby died at the hands of a callous state -

    Woman who drowned in drain was upset about health check –

    Pregnant Mum leaps to Death after her benefits are stopped –

    Stress of Tory benefits tests killed our dad, family claims –

    A disabled woman fighting for re-housing for over 5 years as well as having her social care cancelled left a suicide note saying “No human or animal should ever have to go through life as I did.” –

    Atos case study: Larry Newman | Society | The Guardian –

    TfL manager plunges to his death at HQ 'after hearing of redundancy' –

    Businessman jumped head first from fourth floor

    An operations manager was found hanged at Heathrow Airport’s Terminal 5 after reportedly fearing that he could be made redundant after 23 years -

    Iain Duncan Smith is a lying, incompetent fool.

  3. Thanks for these. Horrible as they are they make the point eloquently.