Thursday, 16 May 2013

A doctor comes clean...

Today something very important happened. An ex-Atos Doctor came clean about the unethical practices we've all been talking about and the BBC have picked up the story. It's too early yet to say whether this is a turning point in the fight against ESA, but it's certainly an important step. We'd like to thank Dr Greg Wood for not only listening to his conscience and resigning from Atos Healthcare, but making sure his story is heard. And as a result, the BBC has been talking to disabled people all day. For once, the rhetoric of people on benefits = scroungers has been overturned. Hopefully, people will begin to see how disabled people are being victimised by Atos,the DWP and the government.

But of course, some of us have been telling Atos Stories for a while now. We're delighted to announce our play will be premiered on 19th June 2013 between 6 and 8.30pm as part of the Harold Road Disability and Community Life event . We're particularly pleased because this event concludes a season reflecting on the impact of the Paralympics. Since one of our motivations for writing Atos Stories was the scandal that Atos sponsored that event, we can't think of a more fitting place to premiere. If you're in London on the 19th please do try and get along. And if you're not please help us spread the word.

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