Thursday, 10 May 2012

Dear Minister...

The results of another Facebook/Twitter game

We asked : Dear Minister the impact of YOUR welfare reforms on MY life...

And you said...

Will be 20% cut in DLA. Barstewards
Will not affect you in your ivory tower. Lidl beans for me on out of date bread
Is crushing me under fear, stress and hopelessness.
Is making life unpredictable, fearful with a dread of brown envelopes through the door. Humiliated and scared for the future
Has made being disabled a crime. 
Is making my daily struggle even harder, leading to me becoming even more ill than when I fell onto benefits with the thought of being up and running again a distant dream. 
Is bollox
Is causing me pain and misery                             
Is making me want to take stemetil just to get through the day with out throwing up when I see how seriously ill people are being maltreated in this society purely for profit, otherwise I consider myself to be in good health.

I’m really not keen on using dear for that nasty Tory bastard

Thanks again to all who took part (and sorry). Do feel free to add more below, they'll go in the monologues

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