Saturday, 19 November 2011


So here's the deal...

The current Government, that bunch of millionaires with enough in their collective back pocket to keep the NHS going for a few more weeks, have already pushed through unpopular health care reforms. The ones that are making doctors responsible for implementing the NHS budgets. Whilst there are some advantages to this (clinical views can inform good commissioning) it potentially creates a situation where GPs will no longer be able to prescribe on the basis of need, but on the basis of what's affordable. And we all know where that will lead...

To add insult to a very very big injury, the newest proposal from our millionaires in Westminster, is that GPs will no longer be responsible for determining who is well enough for work.   Because of course there are long queues of sick malingering bastards outside GP surgeries, conning those softie doctors into allowing them to stay at home...You know, the ones with mental health problems, or depression, MS or cancer...Leeches on society, the lot of them. If they were back at work the economy would be functioning SO much better wouldn't it? Of course those millionaires in the government, who will never have to worry about getting sick or old or stressed, would endorse a process that allows an "independent tribunal" to determine if someone is well enough to work.

It's not just Atos sick and disabled people will have to contend with. Hey, look, now they can go through the whole degrading, humiliating process again with a bunch of strangers who, no doubt, will not have a medical qualification between them.

Makes you feel sick doesn't it?

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