Saturday, 15 October 2011


We thought the government couldn't sink any lower, but, apparently not. According to a NewStatesman article, they've caught on to the fact that 40% of Atos appeals are successful (this figure rises to 70% if people are represented).

You'd think that the high success rate of appeals might give them cause for alarm. That it might just make them think that something is filthy and rotten with their system. You'd think it might make them stop and wonder to themselves, are we doing right by the sick and disabled?

Think again. The response this time is callous in the extreme. Instead of making the system fairer, the appeals easier, they've come up with an even better wheeze. If people appeal their Atos assessment, the government is suggesting it might remove people's benefits all together. Of course, they promise to reimburse those that win, but only after people will have struggled on with illness or incapacity and NO money for the 9 months it takes for an appeal to be heard.

Compassionate Toryism anyone?

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